Station History

Below is a brief chronology of the the lifeboats in Cardigan:

The first lifeboat station was built on the south side of the River Teifi below Penrhyn Castle.

The RNLI took over the lifeboat station.
A Silver Medal was awarded to Coastguard Richard Jinks for saving two crew from the smack Ocean, which had been driven onto Cardigan Bar.

A new boathouse and slipway were built.

A small breakwater was built to protect the boathouse and launching site.

A Silver Medal was awarded to Coxswain William Niles for long service.

A Silver Medal was awarded to Coxswain David Rees on his retirement.

A Bronze Medal was awarded to Coxswain Thomas Bowen (below) for saving 10 crew from the steamer Conservator, which got into difficulties in Cardigan Bay during a gale, snow, and very heavy seas.

The all weather lifeboat was withdrawn and the lifeboat station closed.

The station re-opened at Poppit Sands and was established as an inshore lifeboat (ILB) station with a D class lifeboat.

Framed Letters of Thanks were sent to Crew Members V Evans, R Evans and the Deputy Launching Authority Mr J W Marr for rescuing four people after their boat capsized on Cardigan Bar. Mr Brian Francis, a fisherman, was awarded the RNLI’s Thanks of the Institution Inscribed on Vellum and the Royal Humane Society’s Bronze Medal for his part in the rescue.

The Thanks of the Institution Inscribed on Vellum was awarded to Helmsman Vernon Evans for saving the yacht Snow Rych and her four crew after the yacht had broached in Cardigan Bay.

A Bronze Medal was awarded to Helmsman Robert Reynolds and The Thanks of the Institution Inscribed on Vellum to Crew Members Vernon Evans and Charles Sharp for saving four people and a dog from a motor cruiser in seas estimated to be 16ft or more.

The D class lifeboat was withdrawn and a C class lifeboat was placed on service in March.

A new boathouse, built for the new C class lifeboat, was officially opened.

A Centenary Vellum was awarded to the station.

Thanks of the Institution Inscribed on Vellum were awarded to Crew Members Jeremy Thomas and Leonard Walters and to Aberporth Lifeguard Simon Jury when three people were rescued near Penbryn Beach after being cut off by the tide on 28 August 1996.

A new double boathouse was completed in March for a B class and D class lifeboats, launching vehicles and also providing improved crew facilities.

A D class lifeboat and B class Atlantic 21 lifeboat were placed on service and the C class was withdrawn.

The Atlantic 75 lifeboat, B-752 Tanni Grey, and the D class lifeboat, D-547 Society of Societies, were placed on service.

Helmsman Dyfrig Brown was awarded the Thanks of the Institution inscribed on Vellum for his role in saving the lives of three men cut off by the tide at Fathganeg Rock on 30 August. The service was carried out in large turbulent seas close to a dangerous rock pinnacle.

Station honours

At Cardigan lifeboat station the following awards have been made:

  •  Framed Letter of Thanks x3
  • Thanks of the Institution Inscribed on Vellum x8
  • Bronze Medal x2
  • Silver Medal x3